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Billy Mellon- #56 Late Model / Mod Lite Driver

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On this page I'll feature individual races. I'll talk all about the winners and losers, but I'll also offer my opinions of how the race went.


Below is race results for this year so far at Middleford:

3/31 1st race of the year
1st place

April 7- 5th place- tire went down during race
April 14- 4th place
April 21- rained out
April 28- 2nd place- had the fastest lap of the night- 15.766 seconds
May 5- 3rd place- had the fastest lap during qualifying (16.117 seconds) started on the pole
May 12- 5th place, started 6th
May 19- 4th place
May 26- Track Closed


Following is results from Delaware International Speedway in Delmar: (1200 mod lite)
May 13, 2006- started 11th out of 14- finished 7th
May 20, 2006- started 9th out of 12- finished 10th
May 27, 2006- had 5th fasted qualifying time out of 19 drivers. Started 9th, (they invert the field)on the first lap, Steve White flipped and pinned me to the wall so I started race in last place and finished 6th
June 3, 2006- Rained Out
June 10, 2006- started 3rd out of 15- finished 7th
June 17, 2006- started 12th out of 15- finished 4th
June 24, 2006- Rained Out
July 1, 2006- started 14th out of 15- finished 7th


Results from Delaware International Speedway- Crate Late Model

July 29th- 11th
August 5th- 13th
August 12th- 10th
August 19th- 12th
August 26th- 8th
September 16th- 10th

Billy Mellon- #56 Mod Lite Driver